Summer roulette gambling summary

I was going to give an entry with a 31 -day appearance from August 1 to 31 by the gacha version of the summer roulette gambling and the vertical roulette and the “red/black”. Since it is so loud to write it endlessly, only the aggregation of “red / black” is set. As I mentioned earlier, among the gambling events, this roulette “red / black”, “large (11-18)” or “small (3-10)” of the dice gambling “large and small”, and Baccarat “bunker / bunker / bunker / When betting on the player, the most common is 카지노사이트 the “Large Laws” and “Frequent Standards theory”. In other words, you should play with the probability of infinite trials. In the “large law”, which can be said to be the basis of casino management, the probability of appearance will be converged in 1/2 if the number of times is done even if there is some bias. However, if a certain period is limited, one may appear biased. This time, it is limited to 31 times, so it is thought that [black] appeared about twice as much as [red]. As a strategy for players (beters), you should avoid continuing the gambling of the above species for a long time. After a break from time to time, or after a certain period (time) you set, you will “withdraw” regardless of the result … whether you can make that decision is the divided path of the game. We wish you all the best after referring to this article. ……………… ……………………… I am registered in the blog ranking. It will also encourage you to write an entry, so if you can support me, please give a quick quicker address. (Https://…………… ……………………

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Mado ~ 💡

Well that’s … 💡

What do you say … well.

This year, the rumor was flowing, but it was finally the reality.

That is, that legendary rock band [BOOWY] becomes [Pachislot].

That started on the 20th of this month 파워볼실시간 … what?

The whole picture of the housing looks like this.

…… De -light …

Well, I’m probably not in the Last Gigs, and I think that “where is 80%loop yanen?” Moreover, 25%pull back … 💦 It’s too dangerous (laughs)

…… Is it a mystery, where and who allowed and proceeded with the production of this platform?

I think that the copyright is quite high in such a platform, so I guess the story will not proceed without each permission.

Kyosuke Himuro and Torayasu Hotei are now like that. Bowie itself has a lot of changing music companies. I wonder what the copyright of the song is.

I mean, I like slots, and I like Bowie, but this feeling …

I’m sorry, I’m sorry …

When I came out, I felt that [Bowie’s resurrection] was “100%”.

But I guess I’ll try to hit it once if I try to see it somewhere.

This time, as a play without winning or losing.

I’m sorry and I am looking forward to it.

Then ~ ✋