June 10 is one thousand times! [4 popular brand mini wallets] Wallet replacement plan on a lucky day ♡ | VERY (Magacol)



6/10 (Fri) 12:30 Delivery

June 10th is a lucky day when Tenpono and one thousand times overlap! It is a day when it is said that it is good to replace your wallet or start a new thing. Introducing recommended mini wallets that can handle mini bags while having storage capacity. This one has plenty of storage capacity! After all, you can rely on a mini wallet!

[H7.5 × W9.5 × D3] ¥ 92,000 * Scheduled price (Celine bye Edi Suriman / Celine Japan) Celine wallet Capacity

MARNI compact and lightweight fold. A small wallet that allows you to carry the small coin purse, the bills and what you need. [H11.5 × W8.5 × D3] ¥ 56,100 (Marni / Marni Japan Client Service)

Salvatore Ferragamo Iconic’s Ganchini wallet has a full function with a window that allows you to show eight card slots and ID cards. [H11 × W12] ¥ 79,200 (Salvatore Ferragamo / Ferragamo Japan)

The 4×2 card slot lined up vertically is outstanding. The intermediate size that you want to call a midi wallet is for those who have a large long wallet 슬롯머신 but have a mini wallet. [H9 × W14 × D2.5] ¥ 69,300 (Tods / Tods Japan)

It is perfect for a group that does not want to fold the bill (33 years old) I heard that it is better not to fold the bill like a 5 -year -old, 3 -year -old boy Feng Shui, so I do not want to make a fold, but it is short. The bag is also small. At that time, I found a three -fold Celine. Even if you go to buy lunch, you will feel better on the trionfu that shines even if you have it. Shooting / Hidetake Nishihara , Atsushi Kimura (person) Styling / Yoko Sakano Coverage / Arima Miho Edit / Asako Hanejo * Expresses H = height, W = width, D = gusset in the sentence. * All reader’s belongings are personal. Please refrain from contacting the brand. * VERY January 2022 “Where did your wallet settle down?” * The information in the publication is at the time of the magazine. Products may be discontinued.

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