“Fortune of new project”

Sukagawa -san.

2 inch lift -up block and low arm bar

With throttle spacer 30

Bringed BBS (including back)

RT White Letter (including back)

Jaos back bracket

Waitre 30

Thank you -Mr. Otake, local

Mr. Otake is also Jaos back bracket

Bring rally art

RT White Letter

As a customer, Mr. Otake of the first

Slottle heater cut

I have been implementing my car from a long time ago

Heater cut. The indoor heater works, the heater cut is a throttle heater. The ideal intake temperature is 40 degrees, and at best it wants to keep it at 60 degrees. Outstanding effect together with IC fans!

Anyway, the throttle body can be heated so 코인카지노 much that it will not be touched

The air cooled by an intercooler is ruined

Mr. Otake next time is a new project exhaust system.

today. I’m sorry I couldn’t change the engine oil with Mr. Sato!

I’m a factory from 15:00

Then the immovable Duke stock

Tokuyama-san Finally PAC-L.PAC

Yasusaka -san’s high Azes tires are over and it’s over. 3 hours work today

Fujifilm announces X-H2S and two replacement lenses with X SUMMIT, and Fujifilm announces the X-Series flagship and FUJIFILM X-H2S in X SUMMIT OMIYA 2022. Released on July 14, the price is around 350,000 yen (including tax). The image sensor is an effective 26.16 million pixel 26.16 million pixels back-illuminated, X-Transcmos 5 HS, and the continuous shooting is about 40 frames per second with an electronic shutter, about 50 frames per second, and about 15 frames with mechanical shutters. The number of continuous shooting can be about 184 on the electronic shutter JPEG and more than 1000 sheets for the mechanical shutter JPEG. The rolling shutter distortion of the electronic shutter with a 휴대폰바카라 laminated sensor was greatly reduced, but the mechanical shutter was not omitted. The image sensitivity is ISO80-51200 (video is up to ISO 25600). AF is an intelligent hybrid AF with a 475 -point phase difference AF and a contrast AF. AI deep learning technology detects and tracks animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, trains, etc. in addition to the face and pupil AF. The maximum shutter is 1/8000 seconds with a mechanical shutter, 1/32000 seconds with an electronic shutter, 1/250 seconds with a mechanical shutter, and 1/120 seconds with an electronic shutter. The record format is JPEG, HEIF (first in Fujifilm), 14 -bit RAW, 16 -bit TIFF. The camera shake correction is a sensor shift system 5 -axis blur correction, and the number of effective steps is equivalent to 7 steps. The EVF is a 0.5 -in -type contract of 5.76 million dots OLED, and the back monitor is a 3 -type contract of 1.62 million dot variability round panel LCDs. The sub -liquid crystal monitor is on the shoulder. The video is 6.2k/30p, 4K/60p, 4K/120P. In 4K/60p, a 240-minute continuous record is available, and an optional cooling fan Fan-001 is also available. Compatible with the three Prores codecs of PRORES422 HQ, Prores 522, Prores 422 LT Apple. It also supports F-Log2, which has been enlarged to dynamic range 14+EV. Film simulation is 19 mode. The recording media is a double slot of CFEXPRESSTYPE B and SD UHS-II. It is a professional specification, such as supporting wired LAN. The power supply is NP-W235, and the number of photos can be taken is 580 (normal mode). The size and weight are 136.3×92.9×84.6 mm and 579 grams (only the main body).

At the same time, two replacement lenses were also announced. XF 18-120 mm F4.0 LM PZ WR is a standard zoom lens with a built-in power room, which is equivalent to 27-183 mm in 35mm format. Released in September, the price is 145,200 yen (including tax). The lens configuration consists of 15 pieces of 12 groups, including three ED lenses, the shortest shooting distance is 0.6 meters, the aperture feathers are 7 and a filter diameter of 72 mm. The size and weight are 77.3×123.6 mm and 460 grams. The XF150-500mm F5.6-8 R LM OIS WR is an ultra-telephoto zoom lens equivalent to about 229-914 mm in a 35mm format, with a squeezing ring. Released on July 15, the price is 322,300 yen (including tax). The lens configuration is 24 pieces of 17 groups, including 3 ED lenses, 4 super ED lenses, the shortest shooting distance is 2.4 meters, 9 squeezed feathers, and 82 mm filter diameter. The size and weight are 99×314.5 mm and about 1.6 kg. Postscript X SUMMIT OMIYA 2022 Developed a 40-million pixel X-H2 camera equipped with X-Trans CMOS 5 HR, XF 56mm F1.2II, XF30mm F2.8 macros, XF8 mm F3.5 replacement lenses. It was announced.

I shot it on RAW, developed it with Adobe Lightroom, and wrote it out on JPEG. The image of this camera has a high contrast, so I played a lot of parameters. The contrast is reduced to suppress the white jump in the background. Sony ZV-E10, E16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Pz, aperture F8, aperture priority AE, ISO auto.

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