Episode 02 Lisboa Story Lisbon Story

Lisbone I missed the day and spent only a few days, but I come to visit.

What do you think of the first thing you think about writing? It would be

It comes first with images or videos rather than just a letter.

How can you choose one picture on a long journey just as it’s hard to explain the movie with a single steel cut? Nevertheless, it is this scene if it is one. As I saw in any city, the scattered appearance in Lisbon was so beautiful and natural that it was a moment when I was remembered as Lisboa as Lisbon than any landmark.

For example, when talking about the city, I start writing by choosing a city or place, but it starts with a captured scene. I’m going to talk about Lisbon.

Where is your title? The start is that you usually choose a stop that you will stop before you go from Busan. The diesel was Paris. It was the final destination and a few months, but at the beginning, from Busan Haeundae to Gimhae Airport, and from the Tokyo of Japan, which was selected instead of Incheon, and the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Opera (Limousine bus). The background of the first Paris Promnad I used it, and the journey from Lisbon Airport to Lisbon Airport from Paris Orli Airport. It can be a city that has just passed, but Busan, Tokyo

Paris Promenade (brunch.co.kr)

Lisbon that I want to use now is finally coming out. The first time I tried to go there was a movie. In the same way

In the clothes that I wore like the main character of the film (of course, Jeremy Irons is a person who is full of presence, so he shows off the airport fashion with a burberry coat, but I wanted to take a night train to Lisbon to Paris. I have seen Jeremy Irons twice here. It is wonderful that the person who wears his tuxedness at the play and the event where he is in New York continues to act. But following him, going to Lisbon is not easy in many ways, so I choose a 2 -hour travel aviation. Of course, it is half a day to check in the airport, but I chose it because of the better price.

When I first went backpacking, I had a trip to go to sleep to use the Eurail Pass properly. When I arrived in Rome, I remember that there was no passport in the coupe and the camera disappeared, but there is a longing no longing from the travel of the plane.

But if you go to Europe a few times, you want to go to a few buses, travel to a rental car, or walk around if you 코인카지노 have been in any area for a long time. It may be the age of spare that you can no longer buy a pass and try to look at it as soon as possible.

Before the story carves more to the side

Let’s go back to Lisboa Story.

Lisbon has been a few days in 2015, and the few days there are still vividly memorable. The pictures there are the most popular works of this year’s first photo exhibition, because it feels enough to be able to play an amateur. Rather than I put it well, my life there will be so naturally contained.

This picture was even a sample wine and even Porto wine. At the time, I was going to go to Europe for two weeks, so I didn’t stay in Lis Boa for a week.

It was a few months since I met with a movie team, but I didn’t plan it, so it would be so tender and desperate.

It is a city surrounded by a river, but after a while, the sea called Kaskis is like a resort.

Walking blindly while encountering people who have a bath, maybe the memories have passed by going to see an old castle.

In Portuguese, Egg Tart is famous in the fellowship, but I didn’t go here, and in Macau, a Portuguese colony, I went to the place where I sold it at the branch.


The view faced after seeing the Australian man who met in a lodging destination and traveling to nearby B & B! Perhaps it would be a small day left by someone, but the scene that suits it as a set shot is stored in a part of the brain until a few years later. Like the yellow line taped in the crime scene, like a special memory storage left in time and time left in time.

Today, I have to tell him in a long time in the southern hemisphere to celebrate the summer Christmas.

Hi! How are you? Where was your last trip? Where are you going now?

I hope you will have a good summer Christmas and someday you will meet your language (my old cafe name) …

I finally took one day during the GW, so Ibaraki went to Bando for the first time in a long time.

There are many new store rush shops in Bando’s popularity recently, but if you often look at managers, there are many goals from Tokyo, so all of those background stores are passes.

After all, it has existed for a long time, “A long -established store? ]

The previous lady had been transferred to another store for quite some time, so I entered the store with expectation of a new lady.

I want to leave the store name at this time.

Until now, it was in the front entrance, but this time there was a sign at the back door, and the door was also open, so I entered from the back door.

(I like it. It’s about going from the back door …)

After all there was a new lady.

I am surprised to meet.

In the past, when I was in Bangkok, I got acquainted and got along well, and I had some kind of closeness at first glance.

I felt like I had met my old friend after a long time.

I heard that he was from Isan. Even though Isan is a word, it’s a deep, the background of Mukuda Haran prefecture, so her Thai has a strong accent, and is it somehow said that she was able to talk slowly in Lao? It was only a conversation.

It is said that his parents’ house is a farmer who draws a buffalo, but he disliked it and graduated from school and worked in Bangkok.

In Bangkok, I didn’t work well in Bangkok, and eventually I started working at night work, and I met Stisan when I worked at a local Thai bar for local Thai people, where foreigners almost never come. It is said that he began to work for casino customers in Macau at the invitation of a man.

He came to Ibaraki because he came to the Japanese called “Inoue”.

I don’t know how true it is, but I heard a single digit of Showa and became nostalgic.

The massage course asked usual.

Her finger stood on the way, but I had to stand up because she was upset.

I was sorry.

I told you that just a normal massage was fine, but still her hands continued to massage my delicate parts.

Slowly, I was able to capture my delicate part.

It took a lot of time, but it took a long time, but it was a climax. It was close to the so -called false explosion.

However, the pleasure during the climax has doubled slowly and slowly and slowly.

If you are a girl in Tokyo, “Go early! Collar! It is even painful because it crushes with the grip of the grip.

However, it was good that this rustic girl who grew up in the country was not rubbed strangely.

I thought she was surprised when the magma gushed out, but surprisingly she was calm as if she had been convinced.

He used a towel to postpone the idea.

I decided to take a shower and go home, but she says she should sleep here and rest.

I had time because I was off, and I was resting for about 30 minutes.

She was sleeping next to me for a while.

There is a Thai.

After a while she said, “Did you get up? ] And answered it, and waited for a moment and left.

Apparently I heard the sound of taking a shower.

I was going to take a shower and return home.

Returning, she was all naked.

When I was wearing clothes, it wasn’t noticeable, and I didn’t even know her upset, so she wasn’t as good as her body.

However, her 온라인슬롯 naked body was plump.

She came on a horse riding ahead of me, and entered the Thai women’s unique mode.

Needless to say, I can’t stop it from me as a man.

Bando, I’m sorry