DJI, vertical / horizontal action cam “OSMO ACTION 3” that can be switched quickly. Improvement of impact resistance and quick charging (Phile Web)

DJI will release a new model of the action camera “OSMO Action 3”. The price is 47,300 yen (tax included) with a standard combos with one battery, and an adventure combo with three batteries, battery case, 1.5m extension rod, etc. is 66,000 yen (tax included). OSMO ACTION 3 is designed to capture the active lifestyle without missing it and is equipped with a 1,770mAh extrpreme battery that can be recorded for up to 160 minutes. It also supports fast charging, and can be charged in 50 minutes up to 80%in 18 minutes. The quick release system adopted by the conventional model “OSMO Action 2” is more optimized, improving impact resistance, and quickly switching vertically / horizontally shooting. Assuming that it can be installed instantly and firmly on a handlebar or helmet. A 1/1.7 -inch sensor that supports 4K/120fps shooting offers an ultra -wide angle FOV of up to 155 °. In addition to multiple electronic video blurring EIS, the camera shaking in all directions efficiently is corrected, especially in the “Rocksteady 3.0” that is suitable for sports scenes, and even in complex movements such as surfing, horizontal movements such as surfing. It also has a correction function such as “HORIZONSTEADY” that can be kept. In addition, due to the improvement of the heat management system, a continuous 4K/60fps video is possible until the battery level is zero. It can operate even in a low -temperature environment of -20 degrees, and can be used in a waterproof case to support waterproofing up to a depth of 16m. The size is 70.5D x 44.2W x 32.8hmmm and the mass is 145g. The maximum driving time is 160 minutes and the storage is a microSD slot, which is a card up to 256GB. The list of bundled items for the standard combo / adventure 호게임 combo is as follows. ■ OSMO ACTION 3 Standard Combo OSMO ACTION 3, OSMO ACTION 3 Extreme Battery, OSMO Action 3 Protection Frame (horizontal & vertical installation), OSMO ACTION 3 Rubber Lens Protector, OSMO ACTION 3 Quick Release Adapter Mount, OSMO, OSMO Adhesive flat bass ■ OSMO ACTION 3 Adventure Combo OSMO ACTION 3, OSMO ACTION 3 Extreme Battery 3, OSMO ACTION 3 Protection Frame (horizontal & vertical installation), OSMO ACTION 3 Rubber Lens Protector 2 Pieces, OSMO ACTION 3 Quick Relivery Former 2 adapter mounts, OSMO adhesive flat bass, OSMO Action 3 multifunctional battery case, OSMO extension rod

The regular program “Chance’s Time”#195, where the comedy combination Chidori acts as an MC, will be broadcast on “Abema Special Channel” from 11:00 pm on September 18 (Sun). [Photo] Chidori / Daigo and Saya Honmaru who listen to the lectures of Madirab Murakami, and other program cuts [5 points] On September 18 (Sun) broadcasting, Murakami of comedy combination, worried about young people away from slots. Was a lecturer and opened a special project “Hot Blood! Slot School”, which teaches the charm 사설홀덤사이트 and secrets of slots. Gravure idol Sayaka Tomomaru and comedy combination, Tokyo Hyoteisson, will appear in the Studio guests and participate in the “Slot School”. At the beginning, Daigo lamented, saying, “This is a big deal,” said Murakami, who said, “The young people’s slots are extremely serious.” I learned. Everything is clogged, “and Murakami agreed,” I will teach you the weaknesses and courage of people. ” Murakami, who started the lecture and said, “I want to convey the goodness of the slot today,” Murakami declared “the slot is cool!” Daigo commented, “Did the teacher can say this already?” Murakami also said, “I’ve been here for almost 20 years and arrived here. Taut. So, in order to explain “what is cool in the slot”, Murakami wrote three keywords, “Medal, Pecari, and Pick -Pushed”, but he had never hit a slot, Tokyo Hoteison’s Shogo. Is a confused expression as soon as possible. In addition, Daigo is excited about the lectures with the practice on the slot platform prepared in the studio. In the program, in order to search for a good old “Yancha entertainer” like Daigo, which is in danger of extinction, a new “Yancha entertainer” that opens a hole in the modern variety world, “Breaking Yancha Audition”. Emergency external edition is held. This project has been an audition twice so far and has a great response. This time, which is an extra edition, Kazma (Z is a stroke notation), a comedy combination, who serves as a judge with Daigo, will search for a “lively Yancha entertainer”. “(Yancha guys) don’t come, from the other side. Because this is finally calling out and finally come out, so let’s go looking for it.” Yoshimoto Kogyo’s theater “Yoshimoto @ Hall” and “Jimbocho Yoshimoto Mansai Theater”, which is the nest of Yancha entertainers. What kind of entertainer is waiting for KAZMA! ? The main broadcast will be broadcast from 11:00 p.m. on September 18 (Sun).